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Doug launched Doug Gifford Photography in 1981 as a full-service commercial photography studio. A recognized expert in his field, with years of experience, Doug understands the differences between imagery used for commercial, advertising, editorial, PR, and personal purposes, and how to use his technical expertise to create them for each use, in any style. His exceptional people skills and professionalism have given him the opportunity to be trusted to work with thousands of clients to plan, create and deliver extraordinary visual content of people, events, performances, products, and services in many different market segments around the world.


Genres: Creative / Advertising, Editorial, Events, Live Performance, Sports, Retail, Personal

Markets: Entertainment, Healthcare, Editorial, Sports, Non-Profit, Construction, Hospitality, Food, Fashion, Financial, Real Estate,

                Education, Law, Government, Travel, Automotive, Consumer, Photography, and more.

Specialty: Portrait, Lifestyle, Celebrity, Events, Performance, Sports, Architecture, Food, Still life, Editorial, Fashion, and more.

Service: Local, Regional, National, and International.

Usage: Commercial, Advertising, Editorial, PR, and Personal  


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Pacific Symphony Phase 2 Photo Team 2019Pacific Symphony Phase 2 Photo Team 2019



The photographs and videos you use are a reflection of your company’s products and services –  your brand. They affect how the marketplace perceives your business. Creating context. Delivering a message. Telling a story. Sparking a reaction. 

Commercial & Advertising Photography

The Doug Gifford Photography team takes a strategic and comprehensive approach to all professional commercial and advertising photo and video shoots.  We can help your corporation, company, organization, or agency with planning, budgeting, and all aspects of the production in which we control every detail in the frame creating this intentional imagery.  

Hoag Hospital - Spring 2015Hoag Hospital - Spring 2015Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Newport Beach, California                                      

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Editorial photography is taken to illustrate a story or article, typically for a magazine, newspapers, and blogs. The subject can vary widely and is entirely dependent on the topic of the text it accompanies. The subjects are captured to accommodate the writer, publisher, and art director's storyline and desire to have the images in a variety of layouts, including horizontal and vertical compositions. 


Editorial Photography

Doug is one of the most versatile visual storytellers you will find today, no matter the subject. He has 100's of his images per year, from many different markets, being used in 100's of pieces of media each year (1500+ to date) around the world. His powers of observation have resulted in countless memorable images. His exceptional people skills have allowed him to be trusted to work with anyone, anywhere. Doug has an instant likeability. He approaches people with trust and makes them feel at ease. He knows when and how to quickly modify the scene and direct the subjects to create the desired image for your use.  

         QSR May 2019 Cover- Brian NiccolQSR May 2019 Cover- Brian Niccol   List of Clients

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Public Relations Photography

Doug has spent years working with the top PR professionals in the country to create images for a business, organization, or individual news usage. Through shares, likes, and press coverage his photographs have helped raise the profile of many businesses, charities, and individuals.

List of Clients

Sunwest Bank and Avila's El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant - Public RelationsSunwest Bank and Avila's El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant - Public RelationsSunwest Bank and Avila's El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant - Public Relations


Photojournalism Photography

Photojournalism is defined as using photographs to report news stories and the images are not altered in any way. 

Doug knows how to create images that following the ethical standards of journalism by being truthful, honest, and objective in support of the written story.

He is a regular contributor for Getty Images and ZUMAPress and many other publications around the world.

DGP Getty Images Galleries

Please visit Getty Images, www.gettyimages.com, and ZUMAPress, www.zumapress.com to purchase Doug’s images for your next editorial story.



Business Headshots

A well-crafted, current, professional business headshot gives you, your company, corporation, or other organization that great first impression that speaks to the quality of your personal and business brands.

Because being in front of the camera is not something most people are comfortable with, it’s important to have a very experienced and well-trained professional portrait photographer, like Doug Gifford, who can immediately put you at ease with his professionalism and people skills to create the business image that most reflects you.

We can create the images for you or your team at your location or in our studio.

For More Information - HERE                 Business Headshot / Sherry Adler 060518Business Headshot / Sherry Adler 060518




Doug has always enjoyed overcoming all the challenges that are a part of photographing over 1500+ weddings around the world because they stretch him physically, mentally, and creatively. He became an expert in many different styles of photography - portrait, editorial, fashion, still life, architecture, and photojournalism. He learned how to plan, prepare, adapt, calmly lead or just capture what was happening while balancing what he needed with what the other vendors needed to deliver a great experience and the images that told the story of that magical once-in-a-lifetime day - no matter what.

Over the years Doug has also been given the opportunities to photograph 1200+ different types of commercial events, sporting events, and live performances. You can trust him to uses his experience, expertise, professionalism, and exceptional people skills to plan, photograph, and deliver the images you need of your corporate events, non-profit events, sporting events, and live performances for you anywhere in the world. 

Corporate Events

If you are planning a corporate event for your employees anywhere in the world, we can help with coverage of your award dinners, parties, golf tournaments, outings, and more.

List of Clients

Jan Fields, President of McDonald's USA,  2011 McDonald's USA Awards BanquetJan Fields, President of McDonald's USA, 2011 McDonald's USA Awards BanquetJan Fields, President of McDonald's USA, 2011 McDonald's USA Awards Banquet, Carlsbad, California, Corporate event photography, Doug Gifford Photography


Non-profit Events

We can help document the next fundraising gala, party, or fashion show for your organization. Because Doug has been doing this type of work for years, he knows and is trusted by top donors, sponsors, and applicable media/publications.

Doug enjoys working with many different non-profit organizations and one of his favorites since 2002 has been the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. To date, he has photographed over 600 jobs of all types - galas, parties, events, performances, portraits, and more.

Here is what Tim Dunn, the Director of Public Relations had to say about their work together.

“Since 2002, Segerstrom Center for the Arts has entrusted most of its photographic projects to Doug Gifford. He is an artist we can call upon with complete confidence for our many photographic projects. He gets all of the photographs we need, works efficiently, guides our decisions with his expertise and experience, and goes above and beyond in order to provide us with the finest documentation of our events. Very importantly, we are completely comfortable with him associating with our donors, patrons, and artists. This is extremely important to us as art and non-profit organization with a high public profile. Doug's adaptability to all situations, circumstances, and occasions and his enthusiasm for new challenges, has seen us successfully through various assignments and challenges. He is a valued member of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts team.”   

            Entertainment Resume  / Performing Arts - Film - Production - Museums

                   List of Clients


Orange County Performing Arts Center renaming ceremony to Segerstrom Center for the Arts.Orange County Performing Arts Center renaming ceremony to Segerstrom Center for the Arts.Henry and Elizabeth Segerstrom dance after the Orange County Performing Arts Center renaming ceremony to Segerstrom Center for the Arts, , Costa Mesa, California on January 12, 2011.


Sporting Events

Doug has covered many different types of sporting events around the world for photo agencies (e.g., Getty Images and ZUMAPress) and as a staff, team, and freelance photographer producing extraordinary storytelling images for multiple uses.  Doug’s favorite work, since 1985, has been to photograph yacht racing - from a chase boat or, on one of the racing yachts.  Doug loves the challenge of photographing the yachts moving through the water from a moving platform while keeping his equipment and himself dry, the boats in the frame, and the horizon straight. Another favorite, since 1982, has been his work in the loud, fast, and dangerous world of motor racing. Photographing this sport is all about having the access to put yourself in the right place, at the right time, and walking miles around the track each day to get the defining shot. 1000’s of Doug’s images can be seen in 100’s of advertising and editorial pieces - posters, books, articles, and digital media around the world.

            Types: Motor Racing, Sailing, Golf, Tennis, and more.    

       Service: Local, Regional, National, and International.

       Sports Resume

IndyCar Winner, 2013 Grand Prix of Long BeachIndyCar Winner, 2013 Grand Prix of Long BeachIndyCar Winner, 2013 Grand Prix of Long Beach, Long Beach, California, photography coordinator, Doug Gifford Photography, Sports, Motor Racing, Marketing photography


Live Performances   

Doug is an expert at capturing the beauty and emotion in all types of performing arts for media, producers, companies, suppliers, performers, and for Getty Images. 1000’s of his images can be seen around the world in advertising pieces, a Disney documentary, 40’ banners, billboards, posters, and 100’s of books, programs, articles, and digital media.

               Types: Ballet, Dance, Orchestra, Theatrical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and more...

               Service: Local, Regional, National, and International.


            Entertainment Resume  / Performing Arts - Film - Production - Museums


Misty Copeland - ABT Nutcracker, SCFTAMisty Copeland - ABT Nutcracker, SCFTAMisty Copeland performs with American Ballet Theatre in "The Nutcracker" at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California 2015














Lifestyle Portraiture - Family, Couples, Individuals, Kids, Engagement, High School Seniors & Pets

Portrait photography, or portraiture, aims to capture the personality and mood of an individual or group. Images may be candid or posed, full-body or close-ups with the subject’s face, and eyes typically in focus. Lighting and backdrop help to convey tone and emotion. Like Doug, the best portrait photographers make clients feel completely comfortable so that their expressions are natural and relaxed.

Since 1981, over 2,500 people have shared in the delight of an original lifestyle portrait by Doug Gifford Photography. Doug combines your desires, feelings, and lifestyle to create a lasting piece of art-portraiture at your home, the beach, on your boat, in the park or any other favorite location.


Portraiture Portfolios "California Dreaming" - Roy Family Lifestyle Portrait"California Dreaming" - Roy Family Lifestyle Portrait"California Dreaming" - Roy Family Portrait, San Clement, Orange County, California, Doug Gifford Photography, Lifestyle Portraiture


Weddings - Engagement Portraits, Wedding Ceremonies (Local, USA, International)

Since 1981, Doug Gifford has been trusted by over 1,500 couples to joyfully and artistry capture their wedding day story in locations around the world.  

Your wedding, your way!

Photographs that speak for themselves!

Natural and unobtrusive wedding photography which complements your style!


           Wedding Portfolios 

Storry's wedding, Blenheim Palace, EnglandStorry's wedding, Blenheim Palace, EnglandStorry's wedding, Blenheim Palace, England, Doug Gifford Photography, destination, wedding photography

Fine Art: Photo Décor, Books, Cards, Prints, Posters

Personal Projects & Travel (Local, USA, International), Editorial (Sports, News)

More Information - HERE "Days End" - ASP Dulles Airport display 2012"Days End" - ASP Dulles Airport display 2012"Days End" - ASP Dulles Airport display 2012, Morro Bay, California, USA, Doug Gifford Photography, Fine Art Photography


Personal Stock Photography

Personal Projects & Travel (Local, United States, International), Editorial (Sports, News)




Photographic Project Consultant: Social / Commercial 

Clients: Participants, Coordinators, Locations, Agencies, Advertising, PR, Editorial 
Service: Help plan the where, when, what, who and why of photographic projects 


Photographer Coaching / Consulting / Workshops / Classes

Photography Technique (Portrait, Editorial, Commercial), Business 

For More Information - HERE


Photography Tours

Individual, Couples, Groups - Local, National, International