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Created 11-May-14
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Victorian Homes (Cover)  - Feb 1998Victorian Homes - Feb 1998California Landscape Magazine (Cover) - Aug 1989Studio Photography (Cover) - March 1996Studio Photography  - March 1996Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine - South Coast Water District / Jan 2013Coast "Weddings" - Feb 2004Coast "Parting Shots"- Feb 2002Coast - Sept 2003Coast "Weddings" - Feb 2003TravelAge West - Feb 24, 1997PPC Photographer's Journal (Cover) - Summer 1994WPI - The wedding Photographer  - May 1993WPI - The Wedding Photographer - Nov 1994Quarterflash - Summer 1993PPOC Images - Jan 1993PPOC Images - May 1992PPOC Images - Oct 1991California... A Great Place to LiveConditioning for Strength and Human Performance 2nd Edition, T.Jeff Chandler/ Lee E. Brown

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